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Extra Terrestres

German Premiere

Carla Cavina ǀ Puerto Rico/Venezuela 2017 ǀ 113 min ǀ German subtitles

Feature Film Thursday 15.6. – 21:15 h

The Díaz family is an influential and well-to-do family who control much of the poultry industry in Puerto Rico. Teresa, the oldest daughter, left home during her college years to become an astrophysicist. Now, after a seven-year absence, she returns home for a few weeks to reveal a secret long kept from her family and to invite them to her wedding with Daniela.

However, her intentions turn to dust as she finds herself trapped in the family’s old habit of lying. Extra Terrestrials shows the chasms that exist between perceptions and reality. [outshinefilmfestival]

A family. 100.000 chickens with a death sentence. A secret that will unmask all the secrets. And a star at 2.5 million light years away that will make them understand that we are all EXTRAterrestrials.