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FtWTF – Female to What The Fuck

Cordula Thym, Katharina Lampert ǀ Austria 2015 ǀ 92 min ǀ OV (German)

Documentary Saturday 7.5. – 17:30

”Where do you stand in a meadow with two trees? One tree is female the other male.” Friends frequently ask Mani this question – “For me there is only the meadow!”

This documentary uses beautiful imagery to examine the balancing act between the fine lines of the origin of gender. Before, during, after or away from what is commonly seen by the public eye as the path of a “Gender reassignment”. The physical adjustment to Gender identity is only one aspect of the discovery of oneself.

The filmmakers portray 6 people, who all coming from different backgrounds have taken on the identity “transgender“, and how they live this in different and varying ways. Dorian isn’t happy with “being in between”, for Nick it’s the end of the transition – a “One Way” and Hans says: “… perhaps, someday I’ll want to pass as a woman again”…